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Welcome Abbott Families,

It is truly a pleasure to welcome you to Abbott Elementary School for the 2015-2016 academic year! With your support we seek to uphold the wonderful traditions and lofty expectations our families, staff, and community has come to expect from Abbott. The loving parental support you provide our scholars, coupled with our teachers’ tireless effort and exacting attention to instructional detail has made Abbott a beacon of success state-wide.

As we continue this journey together, many and diverse learning experiences will take place for our students. At Abbott, our primary goal is to be cultivators of innovative thinkers and to ensure that each student fearlessly achieves his or her highest academic and personal aspirations while contributing to the greater society. We do this through a unique system distinguished by:

people of great character who inspire and lead by example
the instilling of courage to be creative
the transformative uses of technology
safe and clean environments
the honoring of all voices of our community
We are the Abbott Roadrunners and as you well know all roadrunners DASH!

Do our best
Act Responsibly
Show Respect
Have High Expectations

Warmest Regards,

Mr. Herrera and the Abbott Elementary School Team